Connecting companies
Israel – Spain

The world population increases every year and in 2050 it is estimated that the demand for food production will increase by 70%.

Almost half of food production is at risk due to climate change.

A third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the food production industry.

Overfishing means that 60% of the fish are at the limit of their sustainability.

About us

We are consultants specialized in the search for strategic partners in the international business with more than 30 years of experience.

What we do?

Defining with the company the type of strategic partner sought.

Market search: Identifying the most suitable startups based on the company’s demand. This identification is made based on:

– Product/Technology required

– Type of collaboration (partnership, investors, purchase of the end product,…)

– Startup stage required (seed, early stage, growth stage,…)

We evaluate the possibility of arranging a trade mission to visit the selected startups.

We approach both companies by organizing introductory and follow-up meetings. We monitor the process until the agreement is closed.


The most in-demand strategic business areas